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Enigma’s new line fuses traditional with tribal style


March 15, 2009 - “Modern Ethnics” is a new line of jewels in silver, pink gold, and white gold with diamonds, by Enigma.

Enigma, which has upscale boutiques in Rome and Geneva, is a brand of jewels and watches designed by Gianni Bulgari.

Why “Modern Ethnics”?

“Ethnics”, because ethnic jewellery was traditionally used to adorn women, for its decorative features rather than its value, and “Modern”, due to the link to today’s tribal lifestyle, inspired by the design and decorative arts of the 20th Century.

pendente foglie in oro rosa

“Modern Ethnics” is the bridge between traditional jewellery, and tribal, decorative jewellery.

Enigma pendente deco in oro 0rosa

Two cultures, far apart, but both represented in Enigma, have found the means to come together, in the sophisticated “Modern Ethnics” line. “Modern Ethnics” is a wide-ranging collection made from silver, rose gold, and white gold with diamonds, with retail price points stretching from entry level at 150 euros right up to top-level luxury for 90,000 euros.

If silver was traditionally used for more affordable jewellery, in “Modern Ethnics” Enigma saw it as a creative opportunity: a visually stunning and glamorous product has emerged, which associates decorative elements of fine jewellery, with portability and accessibility.

Gianni Bulgari

After graduating from Law School , Gianni Bulgari joined the family jewellery business in Rome and in 1966, following the passing of his father, became co-chief executive of the Company. In the early 70’s, as Chairman and CEO, he started the internationalization of the company by opening shops in New York, Geneva, Monte-Carlo and Paris .

In the late 70’s, at a turning point of the family business, he was instrumental in a complete re-organization of the company. Following the newly-established and successful watch business that he had created, he became convinced that product design had to become the defining element of the brand.

For this purpose, he undertook a most unusual experiment: without any formal training and never having been previously involved in the jewellery-creating process, he undertook the task to lead a newly-established company within the group dedicated to the design and development of jewellery.

Enigma orecchini deco in argento

Furthermore, keenly aware of more advanced creative culture in product design other than jewellery, he hired a group of young talents from various artistic backgrounds who had never been previously involved in the world of jewellery.

Enigma gemelli leone in oro rosa

So a master apprenti sorcier joined forces with a group of junior peers to establish what soon turned out to be a powerful creative machine. By doing so he ignited a process of deep change in the company’s culture.

In 1987 he left the family business and, having always been keen on a variety of interests, pursued different ventures.

In 1988 he became chairman of Fila, the Italian sportswear company, until his resignation in 1998.In 1989 he founded in Neuchâtel , Switzerland , Enigma, a company whose mission was to produce and distribute innovative timepieces of his own design.

Since the early 90’s, he has been involved in many financial deals including a partnership with an American group to buy Trident Rowan, a company listed on Nasdaq and parent of Moto Guzzi, a well-known Italian motorcycle company. The latter was then sold to Aprilia.

In 2002, having relinquished all other activities, he decided to concentrate on the development of the Enigma brand and to go back to jewellery. He is now dedicated full time to the Enigma mission.

Gianni Bulgari is married and has one son, Giorgio, who joined him in the business.

Enigma bracciale leone in argento