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Brosway unveils stainless steel jewellery collections
July 8, 2009 - Italian jeweller Brosway has presented four stainless steel jewellery collections, which are an ideal accessory for a cross-section of styles:


brosway morgana collection
Brosway's Morgana Collection
With its extraordinary shapes, the Morgana collection is characterised by a contemporary design that projects it into the future.

The bi-colour crystal catches and reflects the light like a magical sphere that attracts anyone who looks at the jewel.

Morgana is a collection for those women with a strong personality, who love breaking the rules.


Brosway urban collection
Brosway's Urban Collection

The Urban collection boldly approaches very different elements: empty and full spaces; hard and flexible materials; soft and geometric shapes; shiny and cold colours of the metallic surfaces, and dark colours of the materials.

This is how stainless steel and rubber bracelets come to life, together with cross-shaped pendants that give to the collection a metropolitan style.


brosway elizabeth collection
Brosway's Elizabeth Collection
Elizabeth is a collection where the charismatic charm of the antique regal jewels relives in a modern fashion accessory.

The collection is characterised by soft and smooth but also stable and solid shapes which reinterpret the typical signet ring.

The predominant colour is the deep and bright black of the onyx stone, highlighted by the icy colour of the metal. Elizabeth is for the woman who wants to distinguish herself and loves to be the interpreter of a sophisticated style.

brosway swing collection
Brosway's Swing Collection

The Swing collection is a synonym of elegance and rhythm, created by the chromatic contrast of different materials such as satin and shiny stainless steel.

The Swing key ring design stands out: smooth alternate with embossed surfaces, emphasising the dark and light.

The collection suits a dynamic, confident and fashionable man, who is always looking for new goals and inspiration.