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GOLDAVENUE presents 4Nine and St. Gall collections
GENEVA, April 13, 2009 – GOLDAVENUE Haute Bijouterie brings the established European goldsmithGoldavenue's 4nine and St. Gall collections tradition to a level of excellence, linking heritage and modern design.

GOLDAVENUE was founded in Geneva in 2000 by Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux, better known as PAMP, a leading independent refiner of precious metals.

To underscore its focus on international lifestyle brands, GOLDAVENUE has recently launched the 4Nine collection, part of its “Iconic Collections”, and St. Gall, which spearheads its “New Collections”.

Collection 4Nine: precious and neo-classical, the new mood for our time

Goldavenue's 4nine and St. Gall collections This collection interprets the intensity of gold – every piece is obtained from 18-carat gold and an ingot of pure gold. It is a limited edition production of 999 pieces.

4Nine represents the purity of gold, an expression of the desire in these times to find truth, reality and concrete values.

Lady Fortuna, registered trademark inspired by the excellence of PAMP, is the goddess of fortune. Precious coins fall from her open and generous hands, reminding us that real wealth increases only if we share it.

All of this collection evolves from neo-classical inspiration and detail.

The 4Nine Iconic Collection is the newest expression of gold in all of its preciousness.

Collection St. Gall: inspired by precious tradition of Swiss artisanshipGoldavenue's 4nine and St. Gall collections

The tribute of GOLDAVENUE to the most precious and ancient Swiss tradition is an exclusive collection full of fascination: St. Gall.

GOLDAVENUE has interpreted the latest fashion trends and has re-discovered the refined elegance of the Swiss tradition of lace.

Thus a collection of jewels has been created in which goldsmiths use merletto and Dacryl, an avant-garde material that is transparent and pure like crystal.

Goldavenue's 4nine and St. Gall collections St. Gall offers to women who love innovation and originality, the beauty and exclusivity of embroidery and merletto.

St. Gall celebrates this tradition by taking its name from the Swiss city renowned for its refined lace and merletto tradition.








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