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Turgeman Diamonds’ Unique Star Cuts Now Available through Internet
RAMAT GAN, Israel, April 26, 2009 - Mordechai Turgeman, master diamond cutter and creator of the unique
Wishing Star - Turgeman Diamonds
Wishing Star -Turgeman Diamonds

“Brilliant Star” special cuts, has launched a new website to enable buyers to access the company’s complete stock through the Internet.

The site,, employs an advanced search engine to enable buyers to choose from the four special “Brilliant Star” cuts, as well as a full range of round and fancy cut stones.

Turgeman’s patented “Brilliant Star” collection includes the:

Angel Star -- a multi-faceted pentagonal cut, which forms a perfect five-pointed star as the light is reflected through its 57 facets.

Sun Star – a round cut with 97 facets in which an eight-pointed star is created through the interaction of light and facets.

Angel Star - Turgeman Diamonds
Angel Star - Turgeman Diamonds
Hearts & Star – an 81-facet round diamond which creates the effect of a perfect five-pointed star surrounded by hearts.

Wishing Star – a round cut with 74 facets in which the light creates a six-pointed star.

Mordechai Turgeman says that he created the new website in response to buyer demand.

“Through the website, our customers, a select group of outstanding jewellers, are able to buy the stones directly from the manufacturer, thereby enjoying wholesale prices.” He added that the company offers half carat to five-carat sizes in a variety of qualities, and can guarantee a steady supply of stones.

The website search function enables buyers to specify cut, size, colour, clarity and fluorescence, as well
Hearts & Star - Turgeman Diamonds
Hearts & Star - Turgeman Diamonds
as a choice of GIA, HRD, EGL and WGI certificates.

Turgeman added that the “Brilliant Star” collection offers special advantages to buyers.

“These unique stones display the stunning beauty of the star patterns without a viewer. Colour and quality are of secondary importance because the focus is on the ‘Brilliant Star’ that shines out from the centre of the diamond,” he said.



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