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 Paola De Luca to give presentation in Hong Kong on platinum jewellery consumers and trends


June 2018 - Global jewellery trends expert Paola De Luca will give a presentation with PGI China at the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair about the new consumers of platinum jewellery and emerging design trends.

De Luca, one of the world’s leading authorities in jewellery design forecasting, will join PGI China at the show on June 21 in presenting her latest research into the types of new consumers who buy platinum jewellery in China and beyond.

The focus of her talk will be “Platinum Attitudes” focused on individualistic tastes in platinum jewellery from a gender-neutral, everyday wear perspective.

“My team has completed extensive research into the profiles of consumers who buy platinum jewellery in China and around the world, and I will be giving some insight into these consumers during my presentation to an audience that will include many talented designers from China,” De Luca said.

“I will also present a summary of key design trends emerging in platinum jewellery, such as the increasing popularity of contemporary stylings of pearls with platinum, and themes such as dark romanticism and industrial core design influences.”

De Luca gives seminars around the world, based on her team’s cutting-edge research into emerging consumer and style trends.

She became widely known in the international jewellery trade through seminars about trends in jewellery design that she has given over many years at the Vicenza gold jewellery fair in Italy.

De Luca has been working as a jewellery design analyst for over 20 years after an early career as a designer and working for jewellery houses in Italy and the United States.

Her presentation at the Hong Kong fair will take place at the following venue:

JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19 Seminar
Meeting Room: N102 & N103
Date: 21st June (Thu), 2018
Time: 3:30 – 5:30pm





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