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 Plymouth College of Art graduates showcase their jewellery  


PLYMOUTH, England, July 2018 - Visitors were invited into the Plymouth College of Art for an insight into what life is like at one of the UK’s independent art schools.

Jewellery students showcasing their jewellery included Rosie Groom, whose work focuses on forms and textures of excavated, decayed and misshapen jewellery and the fascination of the unfamiliar.

By using contemporary jewellery techniques, Rosie creates jewellery from an ancient, imaginary time and place.

Isabelle LaTurner 'Sensory  Jewellery'

For her latest collection, ‘Unearthed’, Rosie continues her theme of jewellery inspired by excavation and discovered hoards. She is able to explore textures and forms through her impulsive, instinctive ‘sketches’ of rings.

Also on display was work from Samuel Ritte, a maker who focuses in working with metals, jewellery and leatherwork.

Using a combination of found objects, precious stones and metal to create bespoke pieces he blends traditional and contemporary techniques, bringing new life and purpose to forgotten items.

Another artist to watch is Isabelle La Turner, a maker specialising in silversmithing and multimedia jewellery design.

Her collection is a collaboration between jewellery and sensory therapy, allowing people who suffer from anxiety, sensory overloading, OCD, PTSD or combating every day stress, to navigate daily social interactions more freely.

Isabelle’s final designs include affordable pendants in silver and plastic to which the wearer can attach colourful interchangeable rubber pouches filled with kinetic sand. These can be moulded and squeezed to provide a soothing distraction.

The top of each pendant is also weighted and works to give a calming, grounding pressure on the back of the neck.

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 Rosie Groom 'UnEarthed' 2
Samuel Ritte 'Repair, Adapt,  Manipulate' 


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