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 Bransom widens imaging options for bsmart Repairs module


July 2018 - Bransom’s bsmart Repairs software has always had the capability for jewellers to preview and photograph an item before it is handed to the repairer and on its return using a WIA-compliant camera connected to the PC hosting the repairs software.

This can prevent arguments over an item’s condition before and after a repair.
With the widespread use of and easy access to other types of camera and now smartphones, Bransom has upgraded the imaging function in the repairs software to allow images to be attached to a repair using pictures downloaded from any device and selected using standard Windows Explorer functionality.

Users can set the default location for downloaded images and the software will automatically look there when adding to an item, or browse the PC for the folders where they are stored if different.
Jewellers using a Windows tablet for the repairs software can utilise any integrated high-definition camera to take photographs of the items, saving time downloading pictures from a separate device.
The existing WIA camera connection allows jewellers to preview images on the camera screen as they’re being taken, and handy functionality is included to clear the camera storage once the pictures are imported.





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