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 Jewels of Queensland launch new collections at CMJ Trade Event


August 3, 2018 – Jewels of Queensland, an ethically mined and responsibly sourced gemstone jewellery brand that uses Fairtrade gold, will launch four new collections featuring sapphires, boulder opals, zircon and black spinel, at the CMJ Trade Event this weekend.

Jewels of Queensland solely uses fully traceable, untreated and unheated gemstones mined in Queensland, Australia, using best practice mining standards. All of the jewellery is manufactured in the UK.


“The extraction of the gems is undertaken by family and small-scale miners using modern machinery-based mechanical processes – it is undertaken in accordance with Australian law, with the permission of the local indigenous land holders,” director Ian Bone said.

“Environmental reclamation is undertaken after the mining works have finished with planting of native grasses and shrubs to restore the lands to better than the original condition,” he added.

“Contemporary societies -- and particularly the Millennial generation – expect all products to be ethically sourced, and we are leading the way with a jewellery brand that meets that need.”

The four new collections, which will be introduced to independent retailers for the first time at the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) Trade Event in Birmingham on August 5-6, feature a wide variety of colours of sapphires, as well as solid boulder opals, zircon and black spinel, combined with mainly 9-carat certified Fairtrade yellow, white or rose gold.


 Some of the high-end sapphires are set in 18-carat certified Fairtrade gold.

“Jewels of Queensland is a wholesale brand, aimed at independent retailers in the UK,” Bone said.

“The designs are classic and timeless, clearly focused on the gemstone and its origins.”
Bone will be available to visit retailers in their stores to explain the brand’s story to sales staff and help market and promote the brand.

 “I see my role in partnership with the retailer to help them sell the product with full knowledge of what the brand stands for,” he said.

“This is jewellery that you could buy for your daughter and partner and she’d keep it for the rest of her life, cherishing the value of the gemstone and the fact that it is ethically mined and responsibly sourced.”

Customers who purchase a piece of Jewels of Queensland jewellery receive a certificate signed by the retailer, saying it uses ethically mined, traceable, untreated and unheated gemstones from Queensland, and that the gold is certified Fairtrade.

For press enquiries, please contact Ian Bone at or Tel. 44(0)7498323414




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