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Isabella Liu showed ethical collection Twilight at Zaha Hadid Gallery



LONDON, October 2018 - Isabella Liu presented her new ethical jewellery collection Twilight at the Abstract Expressions exhibition at the Zaha Hadid Gallery in London from October 10 to 19.
The Twilight Collection is a celebration of Love, encapsulating the beauty and energy of the Goddess of the Moon. The Moon and its many phases, often believed to symbolise the female form and the cycle of life, have inspired Isabella to create pieces which tell the tale of life - the crescent represents youth and adolescence, the full moon symbolises maturity and pregnancy, and the waning moon represents the final step in the journey of life.

At a deeper level, Isabella sees the moon as a symbol of the inner self – a visual representation of hidden emotions, desires and dreams and hopes that these pieces will help the wearer to engage with their own inner self and help open both emotional and creative conduits for life.


Twilight - Full Moon Male & Female Ring with Pink Diamond 


Isabella Liu with Patrik Schumacher, principal of the architecture practice Zaha Hadid Architects




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