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 The Charm offensive: Nomination is a best seller at Joshua James


December 2018 - The composable bracelet is at the heart of the Nomination brand. The first product they launched back in 1987 remains the most successful. An innovator in a number of ways, it was made from stainless steel, which up until that point, wasn’t used in jewellery production; along with interlocking links - each one personalised with precious gold details for letters and iconic symbols, allowing the wearer to create individual pieces.

Nomination’s Italian charm struck a chord with UK buyers too, with the sales figures telling the real story. The brand is stocked at 5,000 independent stores around the world, and with an influx of UK stockists in the last two years, it’s time we sat up and paid attention.


Shaun Bell, owner of independent jeweller, Joshua James, reports that the brand is a best seller in both his physical store and online. He started stocking the brand in August 2010 - and has since seen a dramatic increase in sales.

“Over the last 3 years we have seen high double-digit growth year on year and this doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. It is by far the fastest growing brand that we currently stock.”

So, what is it about building your own jewellery that makes it so attractive? Jewellery is all about self-expression and communication, which is why selecting components based on meaning is so important to wearers. Each piece bears a message. Mood, emotion and feeling, all factor in to how we tailor our looks from one day to the next, and these charms offer the freedom of change.



Looking to try Nomination for the first time? Build your bracelet up from the basics, shop the selection here.

Want to see how each piece is made? Take a peek inside their Italian factory here.




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