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Laura Grazioli Design: Globalisation inspires creations


Laura Grazioli says globalisation is a major influence on her award-winning designs.
She has worked in jewellery design for more than a decade, and has helped important brands such as Asprey, Schreiner and Remy Laurent, as well as a number of Italian jewellery companies.
Based near Lake Garda in northern Italy, she frequently criss-crosses Europe for her commissions and to seek fresh inspiration for her designs.

She is a regular visitor to museums and galleries in London and Paris, and is constantly in search of new ideas.
Now she is shifting her focus to the rapidly industrialising economies, notably China.

She sees China as an exciting new market for Western jewellery designers, and expects to spend considerable time there in 2009 and beyond.
                 Laura Grazioli

"The emerging economies should be seen as opportunities for design," she says.
"We should study their cultures and seek inspiration from new, multi-ethnic trends."
Laura has won a number of jewellery design awards and competitions. She was the Design & Technology award winner at the International Jewellery Design Awards, Gold Virtuosi 2, in 2002.
Laura has degrees in jewellery design from the F.O.R.A.L. Institute in Valenza Po and the Alessandria Institute of Arts.