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IDI urges assertive marketing to combat crisis
ISTANBUL, May 3, 2009 - Eli Avidar, Managing Director of the Israel Diamond Institute Groupeli-avidar of Companies (IDI), called on the global jewellery and diamond industries to “think out of the box” about marketing their products during the current economic crisis.
In a speech during the opening session of the CIBJO – The World Jewellery Confederation Annual Congress here, he said the event was of major importance as an opportunity for these global industries to formulate policies together “that will help (them) … not only to survive the current crisis, but to thrive in its aftermath.”
Avidar said the key to success in this economic climate is “to adopt assertive and sometimes unconventional strategies in marketing, management and development.” That is, in his words: “DO THE UNEXPECTED.”
He added that “there can be no better time than the present – to introduce aggressive and strategic advertising and marketing programmes in all forms of media, especially as other enterprises are pulling out – making our negotiating powers in this area even stronger.”
Eli Avidar cited the IDI “Together Works” campaign as an example of the type of strategic marketing initiatives he is calling for.
Avidar explained that the campaign is entitled “Together Works” because “its success is dependent upon international cooperation and joint efforts in all centres.”
The campaign is being rolled out in stages throughout 2009 and is making use of every type of media available.
Avidar said that now is the time to target new consumer markets in developing countries.
He cautioned, however, that the industry must understand the culture of these countries, and adapt marketing techniques and messages.
He said that in the case of China, for example, it was necessary to understand the cultural preference for jade over diamonds, and to gear marketing messages accordingly.