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Susan Shi: On trend with pearls





China-born Susan Shi studied drama at Beijing University and later became an actress.

With a desire to explore the world of art and enhance her creativity, she went on to travel and learn more about other cultures, developing particular interest in Western culture.

Using inspiration from her journeys, Susan returned to China and settled in Beijing where she took a course in gemology and jewellery design, graduating with distinction.

Susan brings an oriental touch to the classic feel of pearl jewellery. Pearls are being worn in a variety of ways.

They are no longer seen as old-fashioned and are now considered as contemporary versatile gemstones. They are also spot on with the trend of natural jewellery, combining the use of stylish fusions of natural colours.

Susan’s work reflects elegant simplicity, whilst at the same time distinctive bold creativity.

Her travels have influenced her work creatively and give it a unique East meets West feel.

Her jewellery, which features pearls of exceptional quality and luminosity, fuses the elegance of traditional Eastern culture with the contemporary pragmatism of the Western world.

The result is jewellery that is striking and easy to wear.

Susan is constantly revising her designs and remodelling styles.