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Sarah Ho for SHO: Inspired by geometric forms and family heritage



Sarah Ho was born in Hong Kong in 1978. She trained as a goldsmith at the London Metropolitan University and then graduated as a gemologist from the HRD Institute of Gemology in Antwerp, Belgium.

Established in 2006 by Sarah Ho, SHO Fine Jewellery is inspired by geometric forms, strong clean lines and stylized architectural shapes.

Crafted from 18 karat gold and the finest precious and semi-precious stones, each piece is innovative and avant-garde whilst remaining a timeless item to be both treasured and enjoyed forever.

Sarah to date has designed five collections for SHO. The Origami collection was the debut, a classic collection inspired by Sarah’s childhood love of origami.

Sarah recalls that when she graduated as a goldsmith her first instinct was to start working with the metal just as she had worked with paper to form tiny gold origami parcels.

This winning collection was part of the 2007 Tahitian Peal Trophy judged in the UK and internationally by a panel of industry experts.
Fun and playful, the Casino Collection pays homage to Sarah’s grandfather, and is made up of dainty playing card pendants combining quirky details with luxurious materials.

The Swirl collection draws influences from the swinging 60’s with connecting circles incorporating the SHO logo and pave coloured diamonds. New for 2008 and launched at International Jewellery London (IJL) were two new collections:

Crop Circle collection
- Debuting at London Fashion Week in 2008, Sarah created a limited edition catwalk jewellery collection for fashion designers Steve J & Yoni P.

So successful was the collection of oversized earrings, hoops and rings that she created a commercial line, inspired by mysterious crop circles.


V-Seal collection - vibrant pendant collection inspired by the refined and decadent Victorian era.

The historical references of the collection originate from the 19th century watch fobs and seals worn at a time when jewellery reflected one’s social status.

Available in 18 karat gold with different combinations of coloured gemstones, the V-Seals come in different sizes and look eye-catching when worn provocatively at the chest or gracefully low at the navel.