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Picchiotti: Rich Tradition Of Artistic Excellence with Modern Style

 The Picchiotti Family

Giuseppe Picchiotti made his first foray in the world of fine jewellery in 1967 when the Picchiotti atelier opened its doors in Valenza, Italy.


Today he’s known the world over as a premier jeweller of Italy.Picchiotti’s deep understanding of jewellery and the industry, as well as his long-term commitment to excellence, and sound business ethics, are key factors in the continued success of this family-run enterprise.


Picchiotti’s sophisticated and distinctive jewellery is created entirely in-house at the company’s manufacturing atelier, which allows for unparalleled excellence in the execution and quality assurance of every piece.

                 Blue Cascade Necklace 

Giuseppe Picchiotti oversees every aspect of the design and manufacturing process and spends much of his time searching the world for the rare stones which highlight his collections.


Often, his travels result in the discovery of stones of such incredible size, beauty and uniqueness that they become the inspiration for his signature pieces.


                                                                                                 Princess Necklace

He is above all a connoisseur of colour gemstones which are a trademark of Picchiotti collections; customers often look for the “unmistakable colour accent” that is not easy to find anywhere else.


In the atelier located in Valenza the signature pieces, featuring calibrated stones – squares and baguettes – are manufactured.

 Round diamond and black onyx cufflinks



These stones are extremely difficult to work with, and are a highly demanding and expensive aspect of jewellery design.

When creating each piece, Picchiotti selects from his vast collection of rare stones to identify the ones that best suit each design.

The resulting collection is one of exquisite beauty and artistry, far more refined and elegant than collections that feature standard round stones.



 Unique Art Collection Diamond and black onyx ring and cufflinks

Picchiotti’s designs are traditionally inspired by classical lines and are characterized by the elegance of their style.


Customers describe them as “timeless”, setting the guidelines for haute-couture jewellery, transcending changing fashion styles and trends … heirlooms to be passed on to a favourite daughter or niece, for generations to come.

      Blue Cascade earrings and ring                         Special Gem Collection