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Heraeus Precious Metals Weekly Reports
By Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, Head of Marketing and Sales, Heraeus

Heraeus is a globally active precious metals and technology Group with firm roots in Germany, headquartered in Hanau near Frankfurt. The company has been family-owned for more than 155 years. Precious metals, sensors, dental products and biomaterials, quartz glass, and specialty lighting sources are the focus of its activities. Heraeus currently holds more than 5,000 patents.

Heraeus Precious Metals Weekly, 28 June 2011
Heraeus Precious Metals Weekly, 13 June 2011

Diamond jewellery to feature more in Indian weddings
VICENZA, Italy, January 24, 2010 - Diamond jewellery will feature more often in Indian weddings in coming years as more people will be able to afford it as incomes rise, Indian jewellers attending VicenzaOro First trade fair said. The current period running until the end of March is auspicious for weddings in India. Hemant Shah, Mumbai-based director of  Hammer Group, estimated that demand for ... Full Article

Gold price could scale new heights in 2010-analysts
LONDON, January 10, 2010 - Gold prices are set to continue marching higher in 2010 after hitting a record peak above $1,220 an ounce late last year, with the rising popularity of exchange-traded funds, a weak dollar outlook and inflation concerns seen boosting the appetite for the precious metal, analysts say. Gold advanced for a ninth straight year in 2009 and surged more than $200 an ounce  ... Full Article

Record gold price risks dampening jewellery demand
Record gold prices risk cutting demand for gold jewellery as the Christmas season approaches, and could boost interest in alternative precious metals, notably silver. Spot gold hit a fresh all-time high for a third straight day of $1,058.20 an ounce today and technical analysts see the next target at $1,120. A weaker dollar and fears over potential inflation, spurred by a huge U.S. economic stimulus ... Full Article


Petra to analyse huge diamond before marketing
LONDON, October 4, 2009 – Petra Diamonds has yet to reveal how it will market a colossal, 507.55 carat white diamond found last month in the renowned Cullinan mine in South Africa. Analysis of the gemstone will indicate just how exceptional its colour and clarity are. For now the specifications and potential of the stone are not known. Petra says the diamond is probably among the top 20 stones ever ... Full Article

VicenzaOro First has tough start, focus shifts to About J
VICENZA, January 25, 2009 - Although the corridors were often packed, the number of foreign buyers at VicenzaOro First, the first big trade fair on the 2009 jewellery calendar, was less than expected due to the economic slowdown, and now the industry's hopes shift to the elite About J event showcasing international brands on February 22-24 in Milan. "The world recession has caused a clear ... Full Article

Antwerp Diamond Symposium responds to global financial crisis
ANTWERP, November 23, 2008 – It is rare to use the word historic for a gathering, but the word could arguably be applied to the November 17, 2008, Antwerp Diamond Symposium, which responded in good measure to the industry’s demands for guidance and solutions to tackle the impact of the world financial crisis. The big producers, De Beers Group and Alrosa, both pledged supply cuts ... Full Article

Vintage jewellery market seen robust despite financial turmoil
LONDON, October 5, 2008 - The retail market for vintage jewellery appears extremely robust despite the global financial meltdown. Antique jewels can be better investments than modern ones.Classical vintage jewels have the advantage of being much scarcer than contemporary branded jewellery. Vintage jewellery investment appears to be weathering the storm of the global financial crisis, the worst in ... Full Article

 Vicenza – High end exporters flourish, Italian goldsmith sector struggles
VICENZA - High end wholesale jewellers continue to fare well in commodity-rich export markets, such as East Europe and the Gulf, but for the bulk of the Italian goldsmith export sector, markets remain difficult. Top tier diamond jewellery exporters are holding ground in the United States and are doing well in Eastern Europe, although competition amongst jewellers is picking up in the Gulf ... Full Article

 IJL 2008 – A comment on the bifurcation of the diamond market
LONDON, September 4, 2008 - As middle incomes come under pressure in the United States and Europe, and as the commodities boom increases wealth in the emerging markets of China, India, Russia and the Gulf, a two-way diamond market has developed – big stones boom, while small, common diamonds can struggle to find a home. Is the growing demand from the emerging markets ... Full Article

 Brands cope well in tough times
LONDON, October 12, 2008 – When times are hard, brands do well because people want something meaningful and with lasting power that will reassure. Financial turmoil and deepening fears of a global recession can present opportunities for established brands and give incentives to jewellery manufacturers to become brands. Uncertainty drives people towards top-quality products and diamonds are ... Full Article


 Diamond demand outlook sparkles as the rich aspire to own rarest gems
LONDON -The credit crunch and global economic slowdown will not dull the appetite of the world’s ultra-rich for spectacular rare diamonds. Indeed, as the number of millionaires rises, notably in the rapidly industrialising emerging economies, the world’s most exclusive gemstones will become increasingly desirable, and drive prices even higher than the current all-time peaks per carat. ... Full Article

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