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   Precious Metals Markets: 2010 Outlook
   By Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, Head of Marketing and Sales, Heraeus

The upward trend in gold, despite recent setback, should initially stay intact. Any rally should continue to be driven by investors, and they will prefer investing in physical metal. A change in the overall positive attitude could happen once the low interest-rates in the USA and Europe changes. Any bigger hike here is not to be expected before 2011. The meanwhile very high costs of production increase the possibility of sustained relatively high prices. Next year we expect gold trading in a range between $ 1,050 an $ 1,375 an ounce. Average price for 2010: $ 1,175 an ounce (2009 around $ 965; 2008: $ 872; 2007: $ 696).   
Full Heraeus Precious Metals Report 2010

Platinum 2009: Johnson Matthey's latest market review of supply and demand for the platinum group metals

The platinum market was in deficit by 375,000 oz in 2008. Global platinum supplies fell heavily to 5.97 million ounces. Net demand for platinum decreased by 5.0 per cent to 6.35 million ounces, as a number of sectors were affected by the economic slowdown. Supply disruptions drove the price to a record $2,276 in March 2008 before investor sales forced it sharply down later in the year, to a low of $756 in October.

Platinum 2009 Report (3.2 Mb)
Platinum 2008 Report
  (6.8 Mb)
Palladium use in diesel oxidation catalysts (227 Kb)

Published and distributed by Johnson Matthey.
The Yellow Book: The VM Group and Fortis Bank publish analysis of global gold market fundamentals

The VM Group and Fortis Bank publish an analysis of the global fundamentals and outlook for the international gold market. The Yellow Book, published twice a year, provides all participants in the international gold industry with a new perspective on the industry.


Each issue contains a feature article specific to the gold industry, a statistical data series considering each sector of the identifiable gold market and a discussion of the global flows of gold and current supply/demand relationships and Virtual Metals' view as to what may unfold in the next 12 - 18 months.

Full report Download: Click here to download the complete report.