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VICENZA, Italy, September 7, 2014  - Italian jewelers make pieces that move, sparkle, shine and amaze, which makes attending VicenzaOro a special treat. The exhibitors at this boutique show in the north of Italy near Venice present jewelry that has the power to set trends worldwide for the coming season, and here are 10 of these important trends. Not only do many pieces embody two or more of these ...

MUMBAI, February 23, 2014 – Mumbai-based diamond jewellery brand Unrounds is betting on the appeal of fancy shapes to young customers and says contemporary classic style is becoming increasingly popular in bridal sales. Speaking beside his stand at SIGNATURE Mumbai, Marketing Manager Keyur Rach said ...

MUNICH, Germany, February 16, 2014 – Jewellery design trends can be re-interpretations of old ideas, said Maia Adams of London-based jewellery marketing intelligence and trends forecasting agency Adorn Insight. She told a seminar at INHORGENTA MUNICH that floral themes, a common focus of jewellery design ...

 Le Vian identifies new trends: Gem of the Year is Chocolate Quartz
VICENZA, Italy, January 19, 2014 - Jeweller Le Vian declared Chocolate Quartz as "Gem of the Year" in 2014. In a presentation at VICENZAORO Winter 2014, Le Vian said: "This delicious quartz brings the flavour of Le Vian Chocolatier to a new level with its high clarity and lustre plus big and bold chocolate flavour exquisitely revealed through Le Vian's proprietary gem cuts." Eddie LeVian said  ...

 Jewellery Show London set to reveal key SS14 trends
Brands exhibiting at the Jewellery Show London, organised by i2i Events Group, are set to showcase some of the hottest jewellery trends for the SS14 season. According to Claire Foster, head of footwear and accessories at WGSN and the Jewellery Show London’s official trend partner, many of the designers exhibiting at the show, which takes place on June 11-12, have very successfully managed to integrate ...

 INHORGENTA MUNICH: “Frenetic Fun”, “Dark Romance” are top jewel trends for 2013   
MUNICH, Germany, February 23, 2013 – “Frenetic Fun” and “Dark Romance” are top themes in jewellery design for 2013, trends expert Irmie Schuch-Schamburek said. Addressing a seminar at INHORGENTA MUNICH, she described “Frenetic Fun” as a mega-trend for 2013. “It is spontaneity. It is creativeness. It is expressing your  ...

 Trade editor forecasts jewel trends, colours for 2013
ANTWERP, January 28, 2013 – Nature, lacy looks and gothic themes will feature among jewellery design trends for 2013, Cynthia Unninayar, Editor-in-Chief of CIJ Trends & Colours, said in a seminar at the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair on January 28. She also spoke of the prominence of emerald green, colour authority Pantone’s colour of the year, for this year’s jewellery designs ...

 Style expert Paola De Luca outlines trend vision for 2014+
VICENZA, Italy, September 10, 2012 - Style trends forecaster Paola De Luca outlined her vision for jewellery trends in 2014 and beyond, highlighting several themes including a return to the past, Nature, and the juxtaposition of vivid colours. Presenting her trendbook forecast for 2014+ at the VICENZAORO Fall trade show, De Luca talked of key trends such as "Baroque Vision", incorporating  ...

 Black is Back, trends expert says at INHORGENTA MUNICH
MUNICH, Germany, February 12, 2012 - Black is back among the latest seasonal trends in jewellery design, trends expert Irmie Schuch-Schamburek said at trade fair INHORGENTA MUNICH. "In jewellery, black is coming to the fore," she told a seminar at INHORGENTA MUNICH, which runs from February 10-13. "Black jewellery looks good in combination with pastel clothing," she said. ... Full Article

 Flash colours, flower power burst onto scene
MUNICH, Germany, March 3, 2011 - "Flash colours" and flower power dominate trends in jewellery for Spring/Summer 2011, consultant Irmie Schüch-Schamburek said. "Last year muted tones like grey and beige were in vogue. This Spring is all about ´flash colours´, like crisp blue, hot pink and turquoise red," Schüch-Schamburek told a packed seminar at inhorgenta. "We are seeing  ... Full Article

 “Alice” fantasy inspires jewel design trends
LONDON, September 5, 2010 – Tim Burton’s fantasy movie “Alice in Wonderland” has emerged as a major inspiration for jewellery design trends for Spring/Summer 2011, Jaana Jatyri, founder and CEO of, said at the International Jewellery London (IJL) trade show. “’Through the Looking Glass’ is a theme at a time when people want to escape into fantasy, from doom and gloom,” ... Full Article

 Artisanal skills to take the spotlight in 2011/12 - TJF at IJL
LONDON, September 7, 2010 - Artisanal skills in jewellery will be increasingly sought after and appreciated in the 2011/12 seasons, trends guru Paola De Luca said today. "There is a return of hand-made, beautiful things," De Luca, Creative Director of Arezzo, Italy-based Trends Jewellery Forecasting (TJF), told a trends seminar at the International Jewellery London (IJL) trade fair.  ... Full Article

 "Playful jewellery" increasingly popular - Christel Trimborn
MUNICH, February 27, 2010 - "Playful jewellery" and the use of unusual combinations of materials, were among style trends identified by German jewellery and style journalist Christel Trimborn at inhorgenta europe 2010. "What I really noticed is a trend to more playful jewellery that moves on the body," Trimborn, who has given seminars on jewellery style trends at inhorgenta in previous  ... Full Article

 Strong women, from Boadicea to Marlene Dietrich, inspire trends
LONDON, September 8, 2009 – Strong women, from warrior queen Boadicea to style icons Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich, will inspire jewellery design in 2010, and innovative blends of ethnic and tribal cultures will add a blaze of colour. Jaana Jatyri, founder and CEO of, said at the International Jewellery London (IJL) trade show that Boadicea, fabled warrior queen of the Britons ... Full Article

paola-de-luca Downturn fuels creativity in design - Paola De Luca
August 9, 2009 – Paola De Luca, one of the world’s leading authorities on forecasting jewellery design trends, says economic crisis is good for creativity. As she wraps up editing of the TJF Trend Book for 2011, sponsored by the Vicenza Fair, which looks ahead to key jewellery design trends emerging around the world, she expresses optimism about new approaches to luxury and the inspiration of the ... Full Article

pooja-agarwal Impressions from VICENZAORO Charm - By Pooja Agarwal
At a moment of great difficulty for the Italian jewellery world, the exhibitors at Vicenza fair presented merchandise leading ever more strongly towards design innovation and changing consumption patterns. People want to ‘invest’ in what they buy. Something of serious quality, with a story to tell, narrative jewellery that is gorgeous. It is not the time to produce mindless frivolities. Disposable jewellery is no longer ... Full Article

Abou-J-jewellery show

Impressions from Feninjer, London, About J
It’s official: Bold, colourful, eccentric adornment is in. It has been a bonanza from gemstone jewellery designers in Brazil. The striking pieces of coloured stone jewellery that they have created is proof that the resurgence of colour is in full swing. Currently, Indian-inspired jewellery design is very popular in Brazil due to a major 9- month long TV show shown six times a week, a Brazilian version of ... Full Article

 Austere mood influences jewellery style trends in 2009/10
Jewellery style guru Paola De Luca, founder of the Italy-based TJF -- Trends Jewellery Forecasting Group, outlined her views on global jewellery style trends for 2009/10 at a packed seminar held at the VicenzaOro First trade fair in mid-January 2009. She said the gloomy economic outlook for 2009 was a powerful influence on design, with austerity a key message: "Less is more." ... Full Article

 Modern trends: From coloured diamonds to classic bridal designs
Naturally coloured diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and accessible
to middle-income shoppers. Brown diamonds and rose gold are a fabulous combination. Pairing unusual shades of coloured diamonds is in fashion Big, bold chandelier earrings are back in vogue. 22-carat gold dotted with diamonds. A full diamond set is a must for many South Asian weddings. ... Full Article


Heritage, cosmic vision, blasts of colour set tone for 2009
LONDON, Aug 31, 2008 - Interpretations of the past and a cosmic vision -- marrying science and poetry -- are among key themes dictating design trends for 2009, according to Matthew Jeatt, UK director of trends forecasting agency Promo.Styl. He told a seminar at the London IJL jewellery trade fair that a look back to classicism and dandy dress were strong features of the Heritage component of style in 2009. A fascination for glamorous figures from the past such as Coco Chanel was also clear. ... Full Article


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