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Wearable art: Yvel’s limited edition jewellery collection
Yvel was founded in 1986 by Orna & Isaac Levy, continuing a family tradition of more than a hundred years in the creation of exquisite high-end jewellery designs featuring pearls and gold in various different colors.

Recognising that a growing number of clients were looking for unique pieces of jewellery at the very high-end range, the company soon began to introduce limited edition collections.

"People were demanding jewellery of the utmost quality that was truly different. They literally wanted their jewellery to be wearable art," explains Isaac.

Representing the high level of quality in material and artistry, Yvel's exclusive designs are now found in the finest jewellery stores around the world. Yvel, whose name is the mirror image of its founders surname, is one of the leading designers in fine jewellery whose clients cherish these unique, artistic creations.

Pearls are still the central focus of all Yvel jewelry designs by Isaac and Orna Levy.

" I enjoy designing with pearls because they represent one of nature's loveliest creations and are very much in fashion. Pearls are also ultra-feminine, in fact worn almost exclusively by women."
Biwa Collection

The Biwa Collection is one of the signature collections of Yvel.

It combines 18k white, yellow or rose gold set with diamonds and other gem stones enhancing the color and the beauty of the pearl.

Golden Brown collection 
The Golden Brown collection emphasises the beauty of the unusual shades and colors of South Sea Salt Water Pearls, in gold, brown, copper, champagne and light green. These pearls are enhanced in a special process that has been developed by Japanese manufacturers which brings out their beauty.

Combining these warm shades of South Sea pearls with 18k yellow gold and setting these pieces of art with white and cognac colored diamonds, Isaac Levy has created a warm exotic look for the woman who appreciates the sensuality of this unique collection.
This colorful collection was designed by Orna and Isaac Levy from their love for nature, it's colors, it's shapes and it's shades, bringing the wildness and passion in a sensual look by combining them with gold and diamonds.
Pastel Collection  
This new fresh Pastel Collection was designed by Isaac Levy for the romantic woman who loves the soft shades of pink, lavender and peach shade of fresh water pearls. These designs combine 18k white, yellow and rose gold and set with diamonds and multi colored sapphires.