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William & Son – exclusive retailer of fine jewels and watches

By Tom Wildhern
LONDON - William & Son, a top-tier luxury goods retailer located in the upscale Mayfair district of London, offers a carefully chosen selection of fine jewels, watches and cufflinks that are hard to find anywhere else.

William Asprey, owner of William & Son

“We don’t want to follow the crowd,” says William Asprey, owner and Chairman of William & Son, a brand which has bloomed in the decade since Aspreys was sold.

The William & Son brand stands for customisation of luxury to a discerning upmarket clientele.

William & Son has doubled its premises, having started off as one store at 10 Mount Street, and later adding number 14, just a stone’s throw from the Connaught Hotel.

The elegance of Mayfair is a perfect setting for supreme luxury in London.

Mount Street’s fascinating mix of shops gives the area character – a cigar shop, some high-end tailors and hairdressers, even a butcher, as well as a rich variety of high fashion brands – and Scott’s Restaurant.

“We came to 10 Mount Street purely because it was the only decent-sized shop we could find in Mayfair,” William said.

Palmiero Intrecci and Drapes Ring Collection
“It’s becoming a rather fashionable street. It’s a beautiful street.”

Today, the recently refurbished and reorganised 10 Mount Street flagship store is a brightly lit, open plan showcase for a variety of finely crafted goods – from crocodile backgammon sets to splendid handbags, delicately made British silverware, and a fabulous selection of fine jewellery, watches and cufflinks.

At 14 Mount Street, William & Son offers bespoke guns and country apparel.


Bespoke jewellery orders are a key part of William & Son’s business, and underscore the “Best of British” artisanship that is a vital component of the brand.

“The bespoke side of the business is very important to us,” William said.

“The quality of both stones and craftsmanship is extremely high. Bespoke orders tend to be made by British workshops. For jewels, that is primarily in Hatton Garden.”

William and Son Citrine Ribbon Ring

William & Son engages some 20 artisans in two workshops in London’s diamond jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden, to craft exquisite pieces custom-made for the client.

William & Son engagement rings are designed in the UK.

William & Son jewellery is classical, and supremely well made using rare gemstones.

The company can source extremely rare gemstones through a well-established network of contacts around the world.

Avoiding the gaudy or ostentatious, jewellery from William & Son is defined by a timeless, yet characterful, subtlety of design, combined with an artisan’s appreciation of settings, colours and materials.

“William & Son is distinctive for its colourful gem jewellery, which is feminine and timeless,” said the company’s gemmologist Elena Basaglia.

Palmiero Spirale and Drapes ring collection
Now William & Son is working hard to raise the profile of the jewellery brand.

“We want to become better known as jewellers, so we will build our own identity as a brand,” William said.

“We are pitching ourselves at a level where we offer good value for money.”

William & Son also has exclusive rights to sell Italian-manufactured Palmiero Jewellery Design pieces in Britain.

Palmiero is renowned for discreetly and harmoniously blending shades of colour in pave with limited production.

“We have Italian jewels which are very avant garde, very ‘statement’ pieces,” William said.

William & Son offers stylish, modern gold jewellery from Italian manufacturer Pesavento.

“Pesavento, for gold jewellery, gives a younger, more contemporary look – a very elegant look,” William said.

“It moves away from the more classic designs to give the jewellery a bit of an edge.”

William & Son Infinito Bangle

Every year, William and senior members of his team visit the world’s leading jewellery trade fairs, such as Baselworld and Vicenza, to focus on the latest trends in jewellery design.

“We are looking for the latest style, fashion trends, colours – to see what people are doing,” he said.


Underscoring their reputation for craftsmanship, William & Son has been granted The Royal Warrant to HM Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of the highest standards of service in the field as Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.

The Royal Warrant is awarded as a mark of recognition to companies which have regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to members of the Royal Family.

Warrants have always been regarded as a mark of excellence and quality, and are highly prized.

Graham Chronofighter Diver
William & Son offers a selection of outstanding watches, including some of the best in the world which it sells exclusively in Britain – F.P. Journe, Moser, Romain Gauthier, Charles Oudin, and De Bethune.

“They are independent, small and extremely high quality watch brands,” William said.

“Our clients are very discerning. They want to know that, when they walk in here, they will find luxury products that they can’t find anywhere else.”

The buyers of William & Son’s most exclusive watches are sometimes collectors who know that they cannot find certain watches elsewhere in the UK.

The retailer also stocks high-end brands Piaget, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Arnold, and Graham.

William & Son offers high-end cufflinks, from classical to edgy, some with designs inspired by nature – turtles, whales and crocodiles – in gold.

William & Son Fluted Rose Gold Cufflinks

The retailer stocks a small range of silver cufflinks, as well as cufflinks set with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires at the top end of the market.


William & Son prides itself on the long service and expertise of its staff, and its commitment to providing exemplary customer service.

As store manager Roy Connor puts it – keeping a customer for life.

William & Son keeps in regular touch with its customers, knows when their birthdays are, and discerns what they are looking for.

Platinum Moser Monard
Footfall to William & Son is highly cosmopolitan – perhaps a Middle Eastern royal buying a gift for a daughter, or a foreign tourist who is staying in one of the nearby hotels like Claridges or the Ritz, or a London-based hedge fund manager or banker passing by.

What they all have in common is the desire to acquire something unique that they cannot easily find anywhere else but at William & Son.

“At the end of the day, it is putting the client first, and making the client happy,” William said.