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Vicenza "Glam Room" showcases innovation, fuses fashion with jewels
By James Clatford
VICENZA, Italy, May 17, 2009 - The Glam Room at the Vicenza "Charm" trade fair is a window for innovation and experimentation, merging jewellery with fashion, says Cristina Salvi, head of international
Glam Room Vicenza Charm 2009
Fiera di Vicenza

Exhibitors at the Glam Room showcased jewellery with multi-functionality -- such as Caserta-based Amle's horn brooch that can be transformed into a bracelet.

"The more flexible a jewel is, the more it will sell," Salvi told Jewellery Outlook during a tour of the open plan, bright exhibition space, located adjacent to the prestigious and well-attended B1 pavilion.

"Diversification of jewellery is a consequence of the economic crisis." The Glam Room highlighted easy-to-wear pret-a-porter jewels, which can be worn flexibly with a range of fashion.

"The Glam Room represents our desire to include elements of 'easy-to-wear' jewellery," Domenico Girardi, general manager of the Vicenza Fair, told a news conference later in the day.

Glam Room Vicenza Charm 2009
Fiera di Vicenza
"The connection between jewellery and fashion will lead to increased design innovation.

"Several leading fashion houses, such as Louis Vuitton, have introduced jewellery lines alongside their latest fashion creations, underscoring a growing synergy between clothes and jewels.

Concept store showed off experimental combinations of jewellery with fashion in the main corridor leading to the Glam Room entrance, including a T-shirt by Givenchy worn with a bejewelled hat, and glistening Jimmy Choo and Balmain shoes.

Vicenza-based Giuliana Teso exhibited a coat with Swarovski crystals worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie "Sex and the City."

Unconventional use of materials was a regular theme in the Glam Room. presented an assortment of brightly coloured plastic watches, retailing at 16.90 euros each, and plans to introduce a line of watches made from wood, in brown and in black.

The Glam Room also displayed the latest work from up-and-coming Italian gold jewellery designers such as Michele Marzotto and Maurizio Palmisciano.

The Italian jewellery industry is struggling to attract fresh talent to train in design because of fierce competition from alternative, more remunerative careers, Salvi said.