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Hulchi Belluni jewels inspired by Feng Shui

By George Appleshaw

MILAN, March 1, 2009 - Hulchi Belluni owner Martine Hul gets the inspiration for her designs from Feng Shui.

"I believe that if you bring harmony into your life and a lot of positive energy then your can give positive energy through the jewellery to your customer," she told Jewellery Outlook in an interview at the upmarket About J trade fair.

"People are then happy with their lives because they have a big response to their jewels. I believe a lot in positive energy. I do my designs with my emotions."

Martine added, "If you are very emotional, you have Feng Shui in yourself. You do what is good for you and for your environment."

Martine's involvement in Feng Shui is reflected in her use of symbols in much of her design work in Hulchi Belluni's diamond jewellery.

"I use a lot of symbols -- like the turtle, the symbol of protection and long life," she said.

She also uses the circle of life -- and loves frogs, a symbol of fertility.

Such is Martine's self-belief in the quality of her designs that she says she is not concerned by the economic crisis and the impact it may have.

"We don't care about the crisis. We go forwards. We don't look backwards," she said.

One concession Martine does make to the crisis is an acknowledgement that people are turning increasingly to classical designs in hard times.

"People want pieces that are not too big not too show-off," she said.

Martine said the typical buyer of her jewellery was a feminine and emotional career woman, aged between 35 and 60 years.

"People with a lot of sensitivity, and creativity, buy Hulchi Belluni jewels," she said.

Martine presents four collections a year -- one at the Vicenza Fair in January, two at Baselworld, and one at the September edition of the Vicenza fair.

She is involved in many projects, not just in jewellery design and manufacture. Martine also does interior designs, again influenced by Feng Shui.




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