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London luxury goods store William & Son to offer Palmiero
By Tom Wildhern
LONDON, April 13, 2009 – Luxury goods retailer William & Son plans to offer Palmiero Jewellery Design pieces exclusively in the UK from the end of April.
Elena Basaglia, gemmologist
William & Son

The high quality of Palmiero Jewellery Design, a brand renowned for discreetly and harmoniously blending shades of colour in pave in limited production, fits snugly with the distinctive array of luxury products available in the recently refurbished William & Son boutique at 10 Mount Street in the upscale Mayfair district in London.

“Palmiero is Italian manufactured – 100 percent,” says William & Son’s gemmologist Elena Basaglia.

Elena, who is Milanese, plays a leading role in choosing jewels to be sold at William & Son’s newly decorated boutique. She also designs some of the jewels in William & Son’s own brand.

In a recent interview at the 10 Mount Street store, Elena told Jewellery Outlook that she had chosen Palmiero from a wide range of Italian jewellery brands, because of Carlo Palmiero’s minute attention to detail in the development of jewels from design to manufacture, embracing the idea of presenting a “work of art to be worn”.

William & Son have the exclusive right to sell Palmiero Jewellery Design in the UK, underscoring the retailer’s strategy to offer unique luxury products where possible.

Vertigo ring - Palmiero Jewellery Design
Vertigo ring - Palmiero Jewellery Design
Palmiero is among an elite of so-called “Made in Italy” brands in which both the creation and manufacturing processes use the supreme technical skills of Italian designers and artisans, who have honed their craft over generations.

Italy markets its best jewellery craftsmanship internationally as “Made in Italy” products, vaunting its expertise in design and jewellery making.

However, Italy, still the world’s leading centre for gold and silver jewellery exports, is now besieged by competition in jewellery manufacture from emerging economies where labour is much cheaper.


William & Son, owned by William Asprey, is also hard at work to raise the profile of its own fine British jewellery brand, which is on offer in its boutique alongside other high end jewellery brands.

Avoiding the gaudy or ostentatious, jewellery from William & Son is defined by a timeless, yet characterful, subtlety of design, combined with an artisan’s appreciation of settings, colours and materials.
Intrecci rings - Palmiero Jewellery Design
Intrecci rings - Palmiero Jewellery Design

“William & Son is distinctive for its colourful gem jewellery, which is feminine and timeless,” Elena said, showing off a William & Son blue topaz ribbon ring with 18-carat white gold and diamonds (retailing at around £2,500.)

"With these very high quality items, you pay the real value -- high quality at the right price. You are not paying for a brand name or logo at William & Son and consequently the price reflects the real value of a jewel."

Store manager Roy Connor said the retailer’s expertise in fine jewellery and its practice of delivering a personal and knowledgeable service, which is built on the desire to keep a customer for life, are vital components of William & Son's branding.

He said most jewellery orders received at William & Son were for bespoke pieces. Branded jewels of William & Son use extraordinary gemstones, Roy said.

He also said the retailer would accept custom-made orders for Palmiero Jewellery Design.

“William & Son is not fashion jewellery,” Elena said. “William & Son do not produce seasonal collections and do not follow fashion fads.”

She said William & Son are connected to dealers around the world who could source rare gemstones to satisfy the most demanding of bespoke orders.

Across the full range of jewellery on offer at William & Son, retail price points vary from 2,500 pounds to some 750,000 pounds for the top end of custom-made sets.

William & Son’s location on Mount Street, one of Mayfair’s premier boulevards, lures a wealthy British and international clientele, shopping for British-made luxury goods ranging from silverware to crocodile backgammon sets, exquisite handbags, limited-edition watches and jewels.







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