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IDI helps Israeli diamantaires enhance online presence
RAMAT GAN, Israel, July 14, 2009 - Through the “Together Works” strategic marketing programme, Israeli diamantaires are being guided through all stages of website development free of charge, and are learning about SEO, E-commerce and online marketing.
Israel Diamond Institute Internet Seminar

Eli Avidar, Managing Director of the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies, said the Israeli diamond industry had discovered the power of online marketing and was seeking to harness it to its best advantage.

“The Israeli Diamond Industry is forward thinking and that’s why it has begun to embrace online marketing. More and more Israeli diamond companies are setting up E-commerce sites. We’re helping them take advantage of this powerful tool in the most professional way possible,” Avidar said.

As part of “Together Works”, IDI is offering Israeli diamantaires free consultations with Internet experts to help them establish or improve their web presence.

This includes advising them on site specification, how to find the right suppliers, creating content, legal issues, SEO, E-commerce, opening online stores and more.

Orna Chait, IDI Chief Information Officer
Orna Chait, IDI Chief Information Officer
Diamantaires enjoy ongoing guidance through all stages of website development by hand-picked experts that IDI has hired for this purpose.

According to Orna Chait, IDI Chief Information Officer, this service has received a huge response.

“Since we began this programme two months ago we have provided consultations to 40 different companies and more are being added every day. Many companies are redoing their sites as a result of this service. Many are beginning all over again, starting with site specification,” she said.

“Israeli companies ‘get’ it. They have discovered that the Internet is a very effective tool for bringing clients directly to their doorsteps,” she added.

“When they compare the cost of the website with that of sending out salespeople the ROI is clear. With a relatively small investment they are able to reach double or even triple the number of clients. And they are able to reach clients they never dreamed of – both in quantity and quality.”

In addition to hands-on consulting, through “Together Works” IDI is also holding special Internet seminars for Israeli diamantaires on subjects ranging from the Internet for beginners, to online advertising and marketing, and E-commerce through Amazon and eBay. So far 4 seminars have been held with about 50 participants each time.

Israel Diamond Institute Internet Seminar
All the seminars have been oversubscribed and additional seminars are planned – one per month. Chait also hopes to open up a one-year course in Internet for diamantaires next year.

For those companies not yet ready to set up their own websites, IDI is offering an alternative free service – producing online newsletters for Israeli Diamond Industry members that they can distribute by email to their own or purchased lists.

Eli Avidar said that the Israeli diamond industry’s increased interest in online marketing was a product of the economic crisis, but added that the E-commerce revolution would have come to the industry sooner or later.

“There is a huge awakening among members of the Israeli Diamond Industry about the Internet. In many cases it’s the younger generation which has taken over this area in the veteran companies, and is investing tremendous efforts in it,” he said.

Avidar added that whereas in the past the Israeli industry had concentrated on reaching the trade, today they know that the lines separating B2B and B2C have become fuzzy.

“Most Israeli diamond companies feel that their E-commerce websites are suited for retailers just as they are for consumers, and are prepared to offer wholesale prices to members of the trade. In addition, having the direct contact with consumers helps them to learn what the market is seeking,” he said.