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Love Goes Platinum in 2009
LONDON, May 12, 2009 - Platinum Guild International, the worldwide marketing body for the

platinum jewellery industry, has launched a new advertising campaign this month.

The campaign breathes new life into the tagline ‘Your love has just gone platinum’, originally launched by the PGI in 2005.

The tagline will be used in advertising, sponsorships, in store environment and online experience across key US and European jewellery markets.

“Our aim is to connect with consumers on a deeply emotional level, affirming their already firm belief that platinum is the best and, therefore, that a platinum ring – engagement or wedding band – is the best way to symbolise their unique relationship," says James Courage, CEO of Platinum Guild International. “The best relationship deserves the best precious metal”.

"The bridal jewellery market remains a core focus and this new campaign will reinforce and support the value growth that platinum bridal sales have seen in the past decade."

Based on extensive research, the ‘Your love has just gone platinum’ campaign reflects the consumer belief that the best relationship is one built on intimacy.

As couples often live together before marriage, their decision to marry is the culmination of many moments of closeness.

This is the person with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives, and take their relationship to the next level.

Photographer Anders Overgaard was hired to capture images that reveal those moments of intimate love. Using full colour photography, a series of images and a handwritten headline, the campaign communicates the different moments and feelings embodied by a platinum relationship.

The use of a variety of images and headlines allows the campaign to target both the bridal

and pre-engagement audiences, encouraging them to ‘go platinum’ for their engagement rings and wedding bands.

Under the title ‘Your love has just gone platinum’, each creative will feature a variety of beautiful platinum bridal jewellery.

In the U.K, the ads will run in bridal and fashion publications throughout 2009 including Brides, You & Your Wedding, Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazine alongside national media ads in The Observer magazine and Guardian Weekend. Online advertising will include Confetti, Get Lippy, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and The Times online.